Tiger lunges at daring men trying to trap it after big cat ‘terrorised’ villages

A tiger that had been "terrorising" villages put up a fight when locals tried to trap it in a net and under a sheet.

The video shows men attempting to trap the three-year-old wild animal in a sugarcane field, while the big cat fights back. The incident took place in Jamunia Khaspur village in northern India's Uttar Pradesh on October 17.

According to local sources, villagers had complained about this tiger, which was straying close to homes. After their efforts with nets and sheets, the creature was eventually subdued by a tranquiliser dart fired by Dr Daksh Gangwar from Pilibhit Forest Reserve.

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The tiger was later released back into the wild. India is home to more than half of the world's tiger population with more than 3100 now in the country โ€“ double the number living there less than 20 years ago, according to a study in April 2023.

The news comes after a tiger with a taste for human blood went on a nightmare rampage โ€“ eating two people and ripping someone's head clean off. In one instance, the tiger waited 12 hours outside a man's cabin before tearing into him and ripping his head off.

The horrifying slayings occurred in the snowy remote wilderness of east Russia back in December 1997, with the ordeal recounted in the book The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival.

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Vladimir Markov, a 47-year-old poacher, was the first victim of the predatory beast โ€“ with his headless and disembowelled body found near his hut.

The second victim was a young former soldier called Andrei Pochepnya, whose bloody clothing and belongings were the only remains left of him.

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