Sicko Rose West had chilling reaction to being told killer husband Fred was dead

Serial killer Rose West's reaction to her husband's death sent a chill down the spine of a prison governor.

Rose and Fred tortured at least nine young women to death in sick sexual games, while she also murdered her eight-year-old stepdaughter Charmaine while Fred was in jail. She is one of only two British women in modern times to have been subjected to a whole life prison sentence.

But in prison, Rose was referred to by warders as “Auntie Rose”, according to ex prison governor Vanessa Frake. And she was a model of good behaviour, quietly knitting an endless scarf and making the occasional cup of tea for her jailers.

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At one point, Vanessa told podcaster Shaun Attwood, Rose even persuaded a prison governor to take her on a day out to Regent’s Park in central London, and buy her an ice cream. Vanessa recalled the moment when Rose was told that her husband had killed himself in HM Prison Birmingham.

Rose was housed in the segregation unit at Holloway Prison in North London, which at the time was being supervised by Vanessa. “It was New Year’s Day about four or five o’clock, when the duty governor came down,” Vanessa recalled.

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They explained that they needed to see Rose, because they needed to give her the news that her husband had hung himself in Winson Green nick. Vanessa took Rose into the office, and the duty governor advised her to sit down, explaining that he had some very bad news for her.

Expecting an emotional reaction, he sympathetically told her that Fred had hung himself in his cell. “There was just nothing, no emotion… there was almost a little bit of a twinkle in her eye”.

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Vanessa got the impression that Rose thought her husband’s death would mean that she wouldn’t face prosecution for their crimes. “I think that’s what Fred thought too, that if he topped himself, Rose would get off scot free. And I’m pretty sure that’s what Rose thought – there was no emotion there at all."

Rose was “as evil in her own right” a Fred, Vanessa thought. She said people commonly believe that women can only be the passive partners in horrific crimes, but people like Rose, and Myra Hindley – who briefly had an affair with Rose when they were both in HMP Durham – are proof that some women can be just as evil as men can.

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