OnlyFans in ‘crisis’ after models caught ‘mocking punters’ private snaps’

Adult content app OnlyFans is in "crisis" after models using the site to sell their racy pictures were seen mocking those purchasing their photos.

Those using the app to send off various pictures and videos to members of the public subscribed to their page could be tied up in libellous comments. Privacy breaches and data probes are also set to follow.

Some subscribers could find themselves in hot water for sending unsolicited pictures of their member, which in some cases saw them subject to body shaming. One OnlyFans star commented "I can't see it" in response to a below-the-belt snap.

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Men sending off the unwanted and unnecessary photos were finding themselves "body-shamed" for their less than stellar looks. Beer bellies and lacklustre kit were relentlessly mocked in private WhatsApp messages.

It comes as some OnlyFans models were heard to be sharing the content sent to them in private, mocking some of their subscribers should they not tip enough, The Sun reported. A 'spin the wheel' game scam was also reportedly uncovered.

One mocked: "He defo lives at home with his mam" in response to some less-than stellar wallpaper while another wrote: "Oh nah sorry. He’s doing my nut in. Ew his feet." An OnlyFans insider has since revealed the "really nasty" comments to the public.

The unnamed insider said: "The comments on the WhatsApp group are really nasty and there is body shaming going on and bad comments about the size and appearance of the men.

"There are serious issues here as it is a clear breach of Data Protection rules to share photos like this among other people when they have been sent privately. There is also the risk of the pictures being used for revenge porn or blackmail at worst.

"It is getting out of hand. On occasion men pay to get girls to rate them. But even these punters have no idea they are being mocked and patronised behind the scenes by the women they admire and lust after. It’s humiliating."

A representative for the adult app has since spoken on the mockery made by some of its sellers. A spokesperson for the site said the firm is not affiliated with any WhatsApp groups and added: "All creators must abide by OnlyFans Terms of Service."

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