Insane moment Ukrainian sniper kills Russian soldier with a single bullet

This is the moment a Russian soldier is killed by a Ukrainian sniper on the battlefront.

The soldier appears in the marksman’s sight as he emerges from the trees somewhere in the northern border region.

Seconds feel like hours as the sniper patiently waits to get the perfect shot.

As the Russian soldier moves directly into his crosshairs, the marksman pulls the trigger.

The soldier then falls to the ground, with the sniper staying fixed on his position – apparently unshaken by the assassination.

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Similar videos circulating on social media suggest Vladimir Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine is not going to plan.

His forces have met fierce resistance as Ukraine attempts to pierce through the front line, which officials say stretches for more than 1,500 kilometres (930 miles).

In another humiliating setback, Russian soldiers were wiped out by a Ukrainian drone strike as they walked along a dirt path.

Dramatic aerial footage captured the moment the unsuspecting Russian soldiers were hit by a missile strike.

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Ukraine is incurring massive losses too as it seeks to expel Russian forces from its land.

UN investigators on Tuesday urged Russia to acknowledge responsibility for a missile strike on a Ukrainian village that killed 59 civilians, conduct a transparent investigation into what happened, provide reparations for victims and hold those responsible to account.

The strike on a cafe in the village of Hroza on Oct 5 was one of the deadliest strikes since the Kremlin’s forces launched a full-scale invasion 20 months ago.

Whole families perished while attending a wake for a local soldier who died fighting Russian troops. The blast killed 36 women, 22 men and an eight-year-old boy. Numerous bodies were found torn to pieces, and it took nearly a week to identify all the dead.

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