Elle Brooke says she will ‘fight for free’ as she likes ‘making people bleed’

Adult star turned boxer Elle Brooke has said she will "fight for free" because she enjoys "making people bleed" inside the ring.

The boxer had won all three of her fights before facing Jully Poca during Kingpyn's event at Dublin's 3Arena in July, but said she'd do her next bout without a purse.

"I will do it for free, I do it because I enjoy doing it…I like beating people up, I like making people bleed, I like getting into scraps," she told Fred Talks Fighting YouTube channel.

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She added: "You see most of my fights, that's what they absolutely are, scraps."

And she said that she'll do the fight and give any purse to charity, as her family have been affected by a single deadly condition.

She said: "And I want to fight for charity, I don't want the money. I do this because I love it, because I enjoy it, the first paycheck that I get I will be giving it to Ataxia UK, which is close to me because my dad died of the disease, my gradma, my auntie, it's a hereditary disease."

She said "giving back" is important and she has to "give back" outside of the "load of tax" she pays.

"Ataxia is so close to home that I need to pay my dues in society," she added.

‘Ataxia’ is an umbrella term for a group of neurological disorders that affect balance, coordination and speech, according to Ataxia UK.

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Some forms of ataxia are treatable, but in most cases there is still no cure. It can be acquired after head trauma or intoxication; many ataxias are inherited conditions caused by defects in certain genes, like Elle said was the case with her family.

The video comes after Brooke branded competitor Astrid Wett a “little b*tch who needs to behave” in a furious row on social media.

The adult content creators got into a vicious back-and-forth on the platform Twitter, now X.

The spat began after interviewer Fred Beck tweeted a link to Brooke’s recent YouTube video about boxing promotion Kingpyn.

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