Worst place to live in the UK uncovered with dominant city coming top again

Peterborough has once again scooped up the title of the worst place to live in the country, as the annual listing splashes down just in time for 2023.

Naturally controversial, especially among the towns it features, the vote from the satirical site iLiveHere sees people have their say about where they reckon the worst place in the country would be to live.

A little over 204,000 people call the East Midlands city home according to the Office of National Statistics, which has reclaimed its seat on the rather uncomfortable throne after a year in the cold when it was dumped out of the top spot by Liverpool, Luton, Huddersfield and “champion” Aylesbury.

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Before 2022, Peterborough had laid claim to the really rubbish title three years in a row, TheMirrorreports.

Just an hour north on the train from London it scooped up a whopping 18.54% of the vote, almost triple that of third-placed Liverpool with 6.37%.

The enviable label of third worst place to live in the UK went to Henley-on-Thames with 5.99% and fourth went to the borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London with 5.34%.

The top 10, or bottom 10 depending on how you want to look at it are as follows:

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  1. Peterborough – 18.54%
  2. Liverpool – 6.37%
  3. Henley-on-Thames – 5.99%
  4. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – 5.24%
  5. Canterbury – 3.37%
  6. Elmington – 3.18%
  7. Torquay – 2.43%
  8. Slough – 2.25%
  9. Luton – 2.06%
  10. Huddersfield – 1.87%

Speaking to the Daily Star, an unnamed source who grew up in the Cambridgeshire commuter city and still has family there said: “Peterborough has its good things and has its bad things, predominantly bad, namely a lack of places to go and see friends.

“The town centre is fine but that's about as good as it gets. The most redeeming thing about it is Wagamama's.

“I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone even after having lived there for 15 years.”

Another former Peterborough resident who wished to remain anonymous told the Star: "I can only say this is deserved."

Some people have been more pleasant about it on TripAdvisor though, especially when it comes to the city's astonishing cathedral.

One person waxed: "The people of Peterborough should be so so proud of that cathedral it’s absolutely stunning."

Another chimed: "Have to see for yourself, words don't even start to describe the beauty and atmosphere of the cathedral."

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