Women trapped in bank for hours after security guard locked them in

Two women were left trapped inside a Barclays bank after a security guard accidentally locked them in.

Sarah Agbiji and pal Renita Ruta filmed themselves as they frantically tried to alert shoppers walking by the Manchester branch yelling: "We’ve been locked in the bank. We don’t work here”.

Sarah said she stopped by the Market Street, Manchester branch for a meeting with staff on Saturday evening but claims they were forgotten about in an upstairs room as the doors closed for the day.

In a video posted to Tiktok, the pair recorded their phone calls as they contacted Barclays HQ and Greater Manchester Police but were stuck until someone could arrive with a key.

She then tried to call Barclays and said: “How do you leave people? What sort of security breach is that?”

She tried to call Greater Manchester Police but was put on hold: “I just told them what happened. We had a booking and they’ve gone and looked everywhere.”

As the pair waited, they filmed an after-hours tour of the branch, showing the room they were in when they said security had shut the doors on them.

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It quickly went viral on the app and racked up 3.5 million views over the weekend, according to the Sun.

The pair slammed Barclays for the security breach as they were allowed to stroll around the bank unchecked for two hours and were told alarms would eventually go off.

The girls were starting to get hungry as they were left without any food – but the kind rescue team agreed to bring them a pizza.

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After the two-hour wait, a worker eventually arrived with a key to release them and Barclays has been forced to apologise for what they have called an "unfortunate accident."

A spokesperson said: "This was an unfortunate accident – we are reaching out to our customer directly to offer our apologies and are reviewing what happened to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

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