Woman sets up camera to check on ‘worried’ dog and finds her cuddling cat

A cat and dog who amazed their owner with their touching interactions while home alone have become internet superstars.

Vizsla Joule and tabby Kelvin shot to fame when home CCTV was posted online.

Their owner had set it up after worrying about the dog, who suffered from anxiety and is often upset when lift alone.

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“I wanted to see how long before she calmed down,” the uploader explained to Daily Star.

The video, posted to Instagram account @ginger_cat_and_vizlas, showed the feline clambering onto the sofa with Joule to huge the pooch.

The channel’s owner – who chose not to give their name – explained more about the unique friendship to this site.

“I originally had all the cameras up high so I could see the whole room, and I noticed that Joule and Kelvin were on the couch together.

“So I moved the camera to point directly at the couch, and realised that they weren't just on the couch together, but they were snuggling.

“I think Kelvin really helps with Joule's anxiety. Kelvin has always been friendly with the dogs, but I never realised the extent of it until I got the cameras.”

Since the footage was shared back in 2020, the Instagram account has attracted more than 91,000 followers.

Another vizsla, Tesla, seems to have joined the gang along with black cat Nerien.

And, if recent posts are anything to go by, they look just as happy as ever with each other.

A clip posted three weeks ago showed Joule relaxing in the corner of a sofa.

Before long, Kelvin had hopped up snuggled up to his furry friend.

The video was liked more than 3,900 times and melted viewers' hearts.

"The Joule/Kelvin story is so sweet," one wrote.

Another commented: I love how he moves his leg to make space."

And a third added: "Their love kills me."

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