Woman robbed and beaten up after Google Maps leads her down ‘dangerous street’

A woman has spoken of a terrifying encounter with a mugger after following directions on Google Maps leads her to a crime hotspot in Spain.

Reddit user antjemarieh posted about her experience of being mugged in Seville after she recently moved there.

She was on her way back to her Airbnb from the supermarket when she had to use her phone to find directions back to her temporary home.

However, she has no idea the route Google Maps had given her was taking her down El Vacie, a shantytown renowned for criminal activity.

A man attacked her for her purse and she was left in the hospital following the attack.

In her post on Reddit, she said: "When I turned around a corner though I found myself suddenly in an what was an empty road on google maps turned into an illegal neighbourhood with illegal houses and dirt paths.

"Before I could decide to turn around, a man ran up to me and grabbed my purse.

"When I didn’t let go he kicked my head in until I gave up. I spent the rest of the day in the hospital."

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The woman only found out how bad the neighbourhood actually was when police and nurses were shocked to find out she went down the street as they told her it is one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the city.

She continued: "All the police and hospital staff asked me what the hell I was doing there because it's the most dangerous neighbourhood of Seville.

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"When I went to the police station the next day to make a report, I was again told by three officers how I should never go even near that street because it was so dangerous.

"All I could respond with was that Google Maps led me through there."

She claims police even told her that they would not even drive down El Vacie unless they had backup.

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The woman posted about her experience to warn others and to ask users how she can label a street as being unsafe to warn others who may be taken down this route.

She does not blame Google Maps for her mugging and says it was her fault for walking down the street but wanted to know how she can help prevent another attack.

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Some Reddit users were surprised Google was not already aware of the dangers of the area.

The area has had a number of drug and violence issues over the years, as well as people being robbed.

El Vacie was due to be dismantled in 2020 but was put on hold due to Covid-19.

The Daily Star has reached out to Google for comment on the incident.

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