Woman killed by plane coming in to land as she mowed lawn in freak accident

A woman in her 20s was killed whilst mowing grass after a small plane came down from the sky and struck her.

The bizarre death occurred on Monday at the Saint-Esprit airfield, about 37 miles north of Montreal, Canada’s CTV News reported.

Authorities raced the unnamed woman to hospital but doctors couldn’t save her and she was pronounced dead shortly after.

She had been riding a lawnmower near a runway when the incoming aircraft smacked into her from above.

“When you hear about someone struck by lightning, it's overwhelming, but by a landing airplane?” Pierre Remialle, a local to the air strip, told CTV.

“Never heard anything like that before.”

Reports say the privately-owned plane appeared to be either a Nanchang CJ-6 built in China or a Soviet Yakovlev Yak-52.

Damage to the aircraft from its impact with the woman is visible on one of the wings.

Although the pilot escaped without harm, he had to go to hospital so he could be treated for shock.

“The victim was on a tractor and she was hit by a plane that was landing,” Quebec provincial police spokesperson Marc Tessier said.

Weather visibility was good and a subsequent investigation into the crash is expected to take months.

“We're going to have a look at what happened so we're here today to gather information to understand the event,” Transportation safety board investigator Simon added.

“It's way too early to have any conclusion so we're going to have time to gather everything and analyze what happened.”

The agency said out of 170 air transport accidents reported to TSB last year, 114 were collisions involving private aircraft.

16 people died in aircraft accidents in Canada in 2020, it added.

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