Woman arrested after video shows her ‘eating family hamster to get crack’

A mum ate her daughter's hamster in exchange for crack cocaine as part of a sick stunt shared on Facebook, it is alleged.

Police have arrested a woman on suspicion of animal cruelty after she was allegedly filmed killing and swallowing a helpless rodent.

Lincolnshire Police have confirmed a woman from Lincolnshire, was arrested on Thursday as part of an RSPCA investigation into horrific footage shared on social media.

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The video starts with the suspect supposedly killing her daughter's hamster before tilting her head back to devour the animal while clutching hold of a bottle of water.

Eating the hamster was reportedly part of a deal for the mum to get her hands on some crack cocaine.

A Lincolnshire Police- spokesperson said in a statement: "We have arrested a 39-year-old woman on suspicion of cruelty to animals following a distressing video which was posted on social media depicting an act involving a hamster.

"The Grantham woman was arrested by our officers yesterday (June 23) following an investigation led by the RSPCA.

"She has been released under investigation, and we will continue to support the RSPCA with their investigation."

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A spokesperson for the RSPCA encouraged anyone who comes across the horrifying video on social media to report it to the respective platform.

"This is an extremely upsetting video and we'd like to reassure the public that we are investigating and working closely with the police.

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"Please do not call us about this video, unless you have first hand information about the incident which could aid an investigation, as it could stop emergency calls about animals in need getting through to us.

"If you see this video on social media please report it to the platform immediately.

"Please do not share it or comment on it as it increases the chances of other people seeing it and being distressed."


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