Woman, 43, ‘buried mum’s corpse in garden’ because she ‘didn’t want her to go’

A woman has been arrested after her mother's corpse was found buried in the family garden.

Melissa Lockhard, 43, is accused of burying her 67-year-old mother Miriam Lockhart to conceal her death in Richmond County, Georgia, US.

She reportedly told police that she did so because she didn't want her parent to be taken away from her or undergo an autopsy.

Miriam’s remains were discovered by detectives on June 3, after police learned of a death at the home, according to WFXG.

Police arrived to find Melissa with a broken knee as well as a freshly dug grave in the rear of the property, the outlet said..

The daughter was taken to hospital and cops found Miriam's dead body after digging up the grave.

Melissa is said to have admitted to burying her mom in the backyard after finding her dead in bed sometime between May 31 and June 1.

The daughter also reportedly explained she did so because she did not want her mother taken away from her, or to be subjected to an autopsy.

Melissa was charged with concealing a death while Miriam’s cause of death has yet to be determined.

Last week the Daily Star reported that Fred West told police he would "pray" next to the corpse of the daughter he murdered and buried under the patio in his own Gloucester home.

In unearthed police tapes, released with a new Channel 5 documentary, the serial killer tells detectives he would visit the grave of Heather West and will her to "come up".

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He says: "I spent more time standing in that garden by her than I'd like to think.

"And I used to go out there and stand and send prayers by her I mean, I mean I used to actually tell her to rise and come up.

"That's a secret I've kept to myself for eight years. I never told anybody."

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