William and Kate could earn £26k per post as most influential Instagram royals

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could be netting a cool £26,073 per sponsored social media post, experts have said.

The pair recently became the most influential royals on Instagram, closely followed by the Queen.

Harry and Meghan come in third place, earning just £19,821 per sponsored post.

Analysis conducted by furniture retailers Bed Kingdom took the Instagram profiles of the British Royals combined with marketing calculators to determine how influential the British Royal Family are on social media.

William and Kate have around 13 million followers, earning an average of £26,073 per sponsored Instagram post, with the Queen earning an average of £23,159 per sponsored post.

Despite never posting paid advertisements on social media, it is possible that this could be another avenue of income for the Royals – especially Meghan and Harry, who have made it clear they no longer wish to be part of the royal side of the family.

Princess Eugenie has the fourth largest following out of the Royals with a total of 1.5 million fans, which means that she could earn £3,124 per sponsored post.

Coming in at number five on the list, is heir to the throne, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

Their account, ‘ClarenceHouse’ has 1.5 million followers and if the Royal family started to post sponsored posts, they could earn £3,109 per post.

A spokesman for the company which created the figures, said: “While members of the Royal family have never posted a sponsored post, this analysis gives a fascinating insight into the potential revenue that each Royal family member could earn, while also revealing which Royal has the most influence on their audiences.”

At the lower end of the possible-earning scale, Lady Kitty Spencer, who posts under kitty.spencer, could earn £2,113, while Sarah Ferguson could net less than half of that, with just £1,064 per post.

And bottom of the pile, Lady Amelia Windsor, 26 would only earn £385 per sponsored post.

She is currently 43rd in the line for the throne.

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