Watch: Teen driver walks away from spectacular speedway flip caught on camera

The hair-raising moment a teen driver’s speedway car went airborne after being clipped from behind has been captured in a spectacular photo.

Briana Insley, 16, was in a fun race at the end of the KiwiKidz Quarter Midgets race day at Rosebank Speedway when the crash happened.

Another driver clipped the rear of Insley’s quarter midget during the February 14 crash sending her skywards and rolling four times.

“I felt the other car come underneath me and I went sideways and knew there wasn’t much I could do,” the Onehunga High School student said.

“I started flipping and was just bracing for it and waiting for it to stop.”

Photos taken by Ian Abrahams – known as “the Action Photographer” – show Insley’s Polaris Commercial-sponsored car hit the dirt before going airborne during the four-roll crash.

Abrahams said the crash was the biggest he had seen in the youth age group.

A home video also captured the crash.

“It was only when I saw the photos and video that I realised it did a 360-degree flip before I hit the ground and rolled again,” Briana said.

“It was hard to believe that was me in there.”

The Auckland teen’s parents Sheree and Gareth Insley were trackside and said there were plenty of expletives as they watched their daughter’s midget roll in the second turn of the track.

“Sheree’s legs went to jelly and I think I swore and dropped to a squat with my head in my hands,” Gareth Insley said.

“It was supposed to be a fun race but that part wasn’t too much fun, to be honest. It was over in seconds but it felt like minutes to us.”

Up until the crash, the skilled driver, who has been racing for two years, had a successful day and had a podium finish for 2nd place.

Sheree Insley said there was a nervous wait before they could see their daughter but said the in-field crew did an amazing job taking care of her.

“Sheree and I want to thank everyone in-field for the amazing job they did,” Gareth said.

“She spent time in the ambulance getting a thorough checkover before she was given the all-clear.”

The Insley family are well-known in the racing community: grandfather Mike and uncles Shaun and Justin Insley are all successful drivers.

Younger brother Alec, 14, also races and, with Briana, is in the front end of the KiwiKidz class.

Gareth said the family was well aware and accepted the dangers involved.

“We know the risks but we also know what goes into making these cars safe,” he said.

Insley said everything from the roll cages and the harness systems to the helmets and gear for the quarter midget class was designed to keep the young drivers as safe as possible.

Briana was left with bruising to her shoulders and hips and but was back at school this week and keen to get back in her car.

The car also survived with minor damage.

“The frame is surprisingly perfect but there were a few bolt-on parts that need repair,” Gareth Insley said.

The car will be ready for a back-to-back weekend at Western Springs on February 27 and 28.

“I can’t wait to get out there, it’s the adrenaline and the excitement of racing that makes you want to do it again.”

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