Washout weekend to lash Brits before scorching ’30C heatwaves’ next month

Brits are up for another dreary and wet weekend ahead with heavy showers to lash parts of the country over the coming days.

However, things are looking up as weather forecasters predict sizzling temperatures and more heatwaves next month.

Last weekend saw torrential rain and thunderstorm warnings issued by the Met Office as Brits drowned in the downpours in a washout week.

Now, more rainfall is on the way this weekend, before temperatures will have a chance to rise back up.

As the week continues, the wet and soggy weather is set to get worse, with "thundery showers" forecast for the south of England on Friday.

For today, it'll stay overcast and cloudy with some bright spells in the eastern and southern parts of the UK, alongside outbreaks of rain focused in the areas of Scotland and Northern Reland.

For the upcoming weekend, heavy outbreaks are set to drench the country, mostly in the south as settled weather gradually sweeps in from the north.

Despite the rain, temperatures are predicted to stay around average.

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However, next week warmer skies are on the way and scorching temperatures are expected to make headway in July.

High pressure moving in from western and northern Europe will bring higher mercury with it.

A slow-moving jet stream of air will drag the sunshine and create pockets of high pressure, according to weather reports.

Mercury will start to soar from next Tuesday, with a high of 23C expected for England's Euro 2020 round of 16 game at Wembley.

The temperature will then increase to 24C on Wednesday, with a high of 25C for the rest of the week.

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The BB's long-range forecast expects a heatwave may hit most of the UK next month.

The Sun reports heat maps show highs of almost 30C just weeks away.

Areas based in the north west, with Manchester and Coventry, could see 28C on July 5.

Leeds and the Yorkshire Dales could bask in 27C on the same day, with London, Essex, and Kent reaching 25C.

The BBC's forecast for the first few weeks of July reports: "Toward mid-July, the pattern is likely to be rather changeable with mixed dry and warm spells and an increased chance of a brief heatwave.

"The extent of high-pressure influence in western and northern Europe is the main source of uncertainty for the forecast.

"Computer models are very enthusiastic on developing a strong high to our east over Germany and into Scandinavia by mid-July.

"This would be a very warm pattern for the UK with a potential for heatwaves.”

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