Village overrun by cannibal rats infesting bins and eating anything to survive

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A mum of six has described the horror moment that she opened her wheelie bin to find it full of rats.

Debbie Burns says that since the clean up of a fly-tip dump behind homes – which saw 155 tonnes of rubbish removed from a M9 embankment at a cost of £50,000 – residents in nearby Wallace Crescent have been plagued by the rodents.

Shocking video footage shows the animals piled into a grey general waste bin in the village of Plean, leaping in the air desperately trying to make an escape.

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It’s thought that the rats managed to make their way inside by gnawing a hole at the top, before they became trapped.

Debbie says that her children – who aged between 18 months and 17-years-old – have been unable to play outside over safety fears.

Debbie added: “I have six kids in this house and can’t let them out in their own garden to play due to the whole street being plagued by rats since [outsourced council contractors] BEAR Scotland cleared the embankment behind the houses and disturbed the nests.”

BEAR Scotland say that “extensive fly-tipping” is to blame for the issues.

Another issue has been the downgrading of bin collections from fortnightly to monthly.

Ward councillor Alasdair Macpherson said: “Whilst I’ve no doubt that their nests were disturbed after BEAR Scotland removed debris, several residents told me that they saw rats climbing into grey bins that can’t close fully because they are overflowing due to them only being emptied once a month now.

Debbie says that she contacted the council last month to arrange for pest control to attend but that nobody ever showed up.

Another resident made a gruesome discovery in her bin.

She said: “I went out to the bin and there were two dead rats in it and they had drowned. One of the rats had begun to eat the other.”


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