Vandal sprays ‘Mike is a cheater’ on army vet’s car in case of mistaken identity

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A jilted woman suspected to have daubed the words "Mike is a cheater” on someone's car got the wrong vehicle and accidentally ruined a military vet's SUV.

The car's owner, Nedra Brantley, is not only not called Mike, but is also female and doesn't even know a Mike.

The disabled military veteran was shocked to find her Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV vandalised in Washington DC, the capital of the United States, on Sunday morning.

She admitted that she “screamed” when she first laid eyes on it as it had been so badly vandalised and said that she did not even know anyone named Mike.

The unidentified vandal sprayed “Mike is a cheater” on the bonnet and side doors. Also, the wing mirrors had been knocked off and the front and back windscreens were smashed.

Meanwhile, the SUV’s side windows and licence plates had been sprayed black.

After screaming in shock at the sight of her vandalised vehicle, Brantley is quoted in local media as saying: “I'm surprised nobody in the neighbourhood heard me, because I screamed so, so loud, because I didn't expect this would happen.”

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Confused about the incident, especially as she does not know anyone called ‘Mike’, Brantley said she called the police.

She said the cops told her it was probably a case of ‘mistaken identity’.

She added that her insurance company has promised to cover the cost of the damage.

As of 18th November, Washington DC has seen 21,226 cases of vandalism against vehicles and personal property, representing a two percent increase for the same period last year.

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