Vaccine breakthrough: ‘Bespoke’ jab can be created to tackle worrying Mink strain

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The success of the latest coronavirus vaccine trials by Pfizer and BioNTech could pave the way for the rollout of a least one vaccine in the UK early in the new year. Clinical expert, Dr Bharat Pankhania explained a bespoke vaccine can be created if the disease mutates. Speaking to Sky News, Dr Pankhania said: “I’m not too concerned about will we have a vaccine failure because of the evolution of the virus among the minks for example, in Denmark.

“What we can do is make bespoke vaccines.

“The key thing is to first make a successful vaccine. Secondly, as the virus mutates we can make a vaccine to match the circulating strain there is.

“But what I am concerned about is that we in the 21st century still wish to farm animals in an intensive manner.

“We don’t seem to want to learn our lessons that if you mess with the environment bad things can happen.”

He added: “Protection is the best tool forward and protection doesn’t look sexy enough.

“But I promise you if you spend a few billion pounds on prevention and protection, it is much, much better.

“And it has to be done internationally.”

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