US heatwave forecast: Intense heatwave expected ahead of next weekend across entire US

The United States has seen anti-racism protests across the country as an unprecedented cold spell continues to leave some areas colder than normal. But one forecaster predicts an intense heatwave to break out before next weekend across the entire US.

This weekend through to early next week, a potent storm system was on track to hit the northwest of the US.

Before the arrival of the storm system, temperatures in many Pacific Northwest cities including Eugene and Portland, Oregon, soared to hit 21C (70F) during the day on Thursday.

However, the storm system which is on track to hit those cities will likely force temperatures to drop.

East of the Cascades, the warm weather lingered on Friday but cooler air is predicted to sweep in this weekend.

Cold air associated with the storm system is forecast to collide with a hot air mass across central and eastern Montana during the day on Saturday.

This clash of air masses is likely to result in thunderstorms across eastern Oregon, Washington and northern Idaho.

Some of the strongest thunderstorms will feature potentially damaging wind gusts, hail and possibly torrential downpours across western Montana on Saturday.

The worst of the threat will be from late afternoon on Saturday through to the evening.


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An injection of cool Canadian air filtered southward into the Great Lakes and Northeast before the weekend and is likely to remain into next week.

High temperatures skyrocketed into mid-20s to early-30s (80F to 90F) this week, but have dropped since the weekend.

The cold air mass is likely to make the weather unseasonably warm as it forces its way southwards.

The cooler, and at times, chilly air is coming courtesy of an area of high pressure over south-central Canada which is due to feature across the Midwest, New England and the central Appalachians.

According to GavWeatherVids, parts of the US will experience an intense heatwave by the end of next week.

Many parts of the US will see temperatures soaring.

The weather forecaster said: “West of the Midwest around Colorado and adjacent states there will be warmer than average temperatures which will extend down to the southwestern corner as well, pushing up towards the northwest it will be a lot cooler once again with a colder air mass coming in off the Atlantic.”

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Most the US is likely to be dry over the next 10 days including the southwestern corner, central and northeastern forecast to be pretty dry.

Speaking about Sunday’s forecast, GavWeatherVids said: “The real heat will surge northwards through the west to the Midwest from Texas right up to the Kemah Canadian border, temperatures will be widely into the early 30C (90F).

“But some parts of southern and southwestern America will see temperatures rise to 38C (100F) and above.”

The forecaster added between the cool ridges there will be hot areas in the US.

By Tuesday, the ridge is expected to begin to subside to allow warmer temperatures to arrive across the northeastern regions.

However “the real heat” will likely hit through central states.

The forecaster said by Wednesday the weather will likely become warmer across the US generally.

He said: “Upper air temperatures will start to warm up in the northwest on Wednesday, with states beginning to show signs of a warm-up through the middle of next week, even the east and northeastern states where temperatures have been particularly cool.”

Towards the second half of next week weather conditions will begin to turn hotter across all parts of America.

The GavWeatherVids forecaster added: “By Thursday many parts of the US are looking dry, sunny and by this point, you would have thought pretty hot.”

He added temperatures will rise to 90s Fahrenheit (32C) through much of America, with southwestern states hitting more than 38C (100F).

On Friday, June 19, and beyond, the weather is likely to continue this trend of warming through northern and eastern parts of the US where the upper air temperatures show temperatures building.

The forecaster said: “The storyline really is that is just going to get hotter particularly through these northern and eastern parts America, that’s how the upper air temperatures are looking.

“The heat is really building there as we go into the weekend of June 20 and 21, which pitches temperatures widely into the 90s Fahrenheit (32C) meaning a proper heatwave will get going as you head into next weekend.”

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