US election: What’s next for the Trump family after Donald’s loss of presidency?

The Trump presidency was a family affair. And as Donald Trump’s star falls, his children find their future uncertain, too.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were White House employees, senior advisers to the president, and come January, will be looking for new work.

When Trump assumed office, he left his adult sons, Donald Jr and Eric, running the Trump Organisation. If Trump decides to resume the reins of his business they may be less busy too.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that Trump’s exit will lead to the start of a Trump political dynasty.

His children have all been loyal throughout and could try to assume the mantle, running for the Republican nomination in 2024.

For some time it was assumed, including by Trump himself, that if the Trump torch was to be passed, it would be to Ivanka, 39, who would seek to become the first woman president.

But over the last four years, and particularly in the aftermath of the election, it is Donald Trump Jr, 42, who has emerged as his father’s most likely political successor.

He has embraced, and amplified, the president’s incendiary speaking style, calling for “total war” and a “fight to the death” over the election.

He is almost as popular with the “Trump base” as his father, and even more outspoken on Twitter.

Political candidates usually release books ahead of runs. Trump Jr has released two recently – Triggered and Liberal Privilege – attacking Democrats and political correctness, and portraying Joe Biden as a “swamp monster”.

When they took jobs in her father’s administration, Ivanka Trump and her husband uprooted their lives with their three children, moving from New York to Washington, and renting a $5 million home around the corner from Barack and Michelle Obama.

Indications are that they could return to Manhattan, with Ivanka reinvigorating her lifestyle brand, and Kushner, 39, re-engaging in the property business.

Ivanka’s fashion business could be turbocharged by her increased global fame, but in New York City the couple could find a chilly society welcome and party invitations drying up.

Two weeks ago they threatened to sue after billboard adverts went up in Times Square linking them to the country’s coronavirus deaths.

Kushner, who invested much of his energy in the Trump administration’s Middle East peace efforts, might be expected to continue working towards that goal in a private capacity.

Eric Trump, 36, Trump’s middle son, appears set to continue his role developing hotels, golf courses and apartment buildings.

The president’s daughter Tiffany Trump, 27, graduated from law college in May but has not given an indication of her future plans.

Trump’s own future destination, along with Melania and their son Barron, 14, is unclear but would be expected to be Florida or New York.

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