‘Unsafe’ prank slammed: Video shows jet skier taking out paddle boarder in Auckland

A prank among three friends has been slammed by authorities as unsafe, after a jet skier was captured on video travelling dangerously close to a paddle boarder – knocking him off his feet.

The video was taken over the weekend, on the Puhoi River, and uploaded to video sharing site TikTok; showing a jet skier taking a swipe at a person on a paddle board – causing a gush of water to spray up at him.

It attracted more than a thousand comments from members of the public criticising the jet skier’s behaviour – and whose actions were captured by a person on another jet ski travelling close by.

Speaking to the Herald, the man who took the footage said he had received all kinds of nasty comments and even threats after uploading it online.

“But we all know each other,” he said.

“It was our mate that was the paddle boarder. It was all set up – it was a small joke.”

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said many people had mistaken the video as them deliberately acting against the paddle boarder.

But he wanted to clear everything up, he said, insisting that they were all good mates and that the paddle boarder was okay.

“We understand that it was silly and dangerous – and the 5 knot rule should be taken seriously,” he said, referring to the speed limit.

The rule is that all vessels should adhere to a speed limit of no more than 5 knots when within 50m of any other vessel or person.

Vessels should also stick to that speed limit if within 200m of the shore or of any structure or vessel flying a dive flag.

Auckland’s Harbourmaster, who has seen the footage, used the incident to remind people of the need to stick to the speed limit when out on the water.

“The behaviour in the video is obviously very unsafe,” a Harbourmaster spokeswoman said.

“We would like anyone with any further information to let us know – so this can be followed up.”

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