Ukraine’s forces trained by US to ‘kill Russians’ will fight on if war is lost

Ukrainian President Voldymr Zelensky has deployed his fearsome special forces team who are specifically trained to 'kill Russians' and have vowed to fight on even if the war is lost.

With Russian casualties continuing to mount and more and more of Vladimir Putin's weaponry being seized by the day, the work of Ukraine's Special Operation Force (SOF) cannot be understated.

Formed in 2015 as a direct response to Russian aggression in the contested Donbas region, the 2000 strong highly trained members of the unit have been given the tools they need to fight off invaders.

So far in the conflict, the daring group have been credited with slowing and stopping Putin's advance in many key areas through guerrilla tactics, ad-hoc counterattack and mobile defence.

Members of Russian sleeper cells embedded throughout the country now live in fear of the SOF, who have made it their mission to root them out.

And in an ironic twist (if you're Vladimir Putin), the group's success would not have been possible if Ukraine had not been the beneficiary of heavy US investment.

From 2015 to 2020, Ukraine increased their defensive budget by $3 billion through help by the US and the UK, reports CEPA.

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And to sweeten the deal, the US even threw in a CIA-led training program for the forces whose goal was, according to one trainer, to "kill Russians."

The result of this investment is Ukraine's military is now helmed by a fanatical and highly trained team of devoted soldiers who have vowed to fight on even if the war is eventually lost.

In an interview with Vice News, one member of the SOF said that in the event of occupation the group would "give the Russians hell."

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He said: "We believe that sleeper cells infiltrated before the war started.

"We're hunting them, we gather our own intelligence.

"They do not know our language or our terrain. Some of them do not have combat experience. We will detect groups and destroy them."

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This polished professionalism is unlikely to please Vladimir Putin who has already lost far more troops than he bargained for.

The Russian leader has lost another general, plus seven elite SWAT fighters from the feared Dzerzhinsky Division in the last few days leading a prominent Russian military veteran to denounce the “completely incomprehensible” war.

Captain Alexander Garnaev, a famous military test pilot and recipient of the Kremlin’s highest honour, the Hero of Russia award, also said the true number of Russian casualties would 'horrify society'.

He said: "It is unbearable for me to see how much our men – including those I know personally – suffer. This is unbearable for me.”

‘Sooner or later society will know the final number of losses…

“Society will be horrified.”

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