Ukraine PM savages Italy over moaning of cancelled call – ‘I’ll move the war to talk’

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Mario Draghi said in a televised address on Thursday, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Italy would do “whatever it takes” to support its ally. He added all the stops would be pulled to “preserve Ukraine’s sovereignty, Europe’s security and the integrity of the international order based on the rules and values we all share”. Despite his strong show of support, Mr Draghi has received criticism for “moaning” about a missed telephone conversation.

The Prime Minister was scheduled to call Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy this morning, on Friday.

The appointment was scheduled due to Mr Zelenskyy being “in hiding”.

Mr Draghi is reported to have announced: “President Zelenskyy told us that he is hiding somewhere and that Ukraine has no more time.

“He was supposed to attend a phone call at 9.30am but he couldn’t make it.”

Many took instantly to consider this a swipe at Ukraine.

Among those was Mr Zelenskyy himself, whose response contained a barely veiled dig at the Italian Prime Minister.

He wrote in a post on Twitter: “Today at 10:30am at the entrances to Chernihiv, Hostomel and Melitopol there were heavy fighting.

“People died.

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“Next time I’ll try to move the war schedule to talk to Mario Draghi at a specific time.”

He added: “Meanwhile, Ukraine continues to fight for its people.”

Numerous commentators piled in, declaring Mr Draghi’s statement inappropriate.

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LBC presenter Ben Kentish described the Italian leader’s comments as “pathetic”.

Repubblica journalist Antonello Guerrera added Mr Zelenskyy was clearly “furious” at what was said.

But others suggested Mr Draghi’s statement had simply been misunderstood.

It was not, they argued, a criticism of the Ukrainian President for missing his appointment but a simple report of what exactly had happened.

Mr Zelenskyy’s response was, perhaps, unsurprisingly sour, given reports have suggested Russian forces could destroy the Ukrainian military “within 72 hours”.

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