Ukraine LIVE: Terrifying map shows Putin’s barbaric war now just 10km from EU – WW3 fears

Former NYT journalist Brent Renaud killed in Ukraine

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Dozens were killed on Sunday as Russia fired some 30 cruise missiles at a military base in Yavoriv, between Lviv and Ukraine’s border with Poland — close to a major crossing point into Poland used by refugees from the conflict. An open-source intelligence aggregator, IntelCrab, wrote on Twitter that the airstrikes on Yavoriv “mark a huge shift west for Russian air force operations.” They continued: “Training facility was less than 10 km from the border with Poland. The risk for accident is dangerously high with stunts like this.” The facility was also reportedly being used to store vast amounts of foreign military equipment to bolster the fight against Putin’s invading forces. The hit was the westernmost airstrike of the conflict so far and the bulk of Russian ground forces are now just 15.5 miles from the centre of Kyiv, the UK’s Ministry of Defence said Saturday.


China says it is ‘disinformation’ that Russia is seeking military aid from them

A U.S. official said Russia asked China for military equipment to use in its invasion of Ukraine. 

However, China’s foreign ministry have said this is disinformation from the US.

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