UK weather: Unsettled conditions for Brits as sunny spells threatened by wind and rain

UK weather: Brighter and drier conditions forecast by Met Office

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According to the Met Office, things look to be settling down into the weekend as high pressure moves in from the southwest. Heading into next week, there’s still plenty of detail to be determined, as much depends on how the high-pressure system moves in the latter stages of the weekend.

Although details are still somewhat uncertain, the most likely outlook for next week at present is a continued mixed picture, with a combination of dry and wet spells.

The department suggested that winds look like they will generally be fairly light, with temperatures signalled to be near-average.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Rudman said: “This weekend will see things settle down for much of the UK at first.

“There will be plenty of sunshine about and temperatures could peak around 21C in the south on Saturday, although Sunday will feel cooler with more cloud.

“There’s plenty to work out in the forecast for next week but initial indications suggest a likely mix of sunshine and a few showers and near-average temperatures for most.”

According to the weather experts, Thursday will witness a damp, grey but mild start for Northern Ireland with rain over South West Scotland and Cumbria.

Northern Scotland starts off fine, sunny but cool. For southern Scotland, North West England, the Pennines and north Wales there will be a good deal of cloud, murky conditions around western coasts and upslope low cloud and heavy rain in the morning.

Some of this rain will reach NE England and Yorkshire.

Jo Farrow, a meteorologist with Netweather.Tv said: “The rain fades somewhat during the day but the frontal divide remains.

“Warmer air for the southern half and a fresher, bright picture in the north.

“Again, with sharp showers for the windy North West Highlands and the Islands.

“In the warmer air, with a brisk west or southwest wind there will be good breaks in the cloud and warm sunshine.

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“This will lift the temperatures into the high teens or low twenties. There will be showery rain over the north Midlands in the afternoon from the frontal band.

“The frontal cloud moves southwards leaving clearer skies and cooler air over more of the UK. The showers continue in the far northwest.”

For most Friday will be a fine, dry and sunny day, however the air will be cooler with a brisk northwest wind, especially for the north east of the country.

Southern England and south Wales will have lighter winds and feel warmer, temperatures again in the high teens to low 20s. Cool everywhere for Friday night but dry.

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