UK weather forecast: Britain to sizzle in September scorcher as 86F Azores blast hits

BBC Weather: Summer to ‘return’ as temperatures rise

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Today (Monday) temperatures will hover around the mid-20C, with southern regions of Britain enjoying a glorious start to the week ahead of the September scorcher. AccuWeather meteorologist Alyssa Smithmyer said there will be “intermittent showers” across northern regions, although fog across southwestern areas will clear throughout the day. But she said daily high temperatures are forecast to be “very warm” this week, largely because of a “blocking ridge” over parts of western Europe that will allow the mercury to climb above average for this time of year.

During the early part of this week, peak temperatures could soar close to 30C in southern areas of the UK during Tuesday and heading into Wednesday, while southern and central England will also benefit from a 27C scorcher.

Ms Smithmyer said air travelling from the south to northern regions, predominantly from the Azores, will send temperatures soaring above average for this time of year.

She told “Daily high temperatures across the UK are forecast to become very warm this week. A blocking ridge over western Europe will allow for temperatures to climb above average for this time of year.

“Temperatures early this week will reach the upper 70Fs across southern and central England (23-27C), and middle to upper 60Fs across far northern regions (18-21C). Southern locations can reach high temperatures near 80F (27C).

“The peak temperatures are forecast to take place Tuesday through Wednesday and can be just shy of the mid-80Fs in southern areas (roughly 30C).

“This warm air is advecting from south to north regions, particularly from the Azores.

“Compared to the average September weather across the UK, these temperatures will be above normal.”

As the week progresses, Ms Smithmyer said this warm will make its way eastwards over central and eastern Europe.

Although the UK will still be feeling warm by the weekend, it won’t be “as extreme as early this week”, with Southern England seeing temperatures closer to mid-to-late 60F, with a few locations reacting 21C (70F).

The latest temperature maps from Netweather for Tuesday and Wednesday also turn red as scorching heat engulfs most of Britain.

Tuesday’s forecast shows temperatures hitting a high of 29C in southern areas, particularly in an around London, with the mercury remaining in the mid-to-high 20s throughout most of the country.

The forecast on Wednesday paints a similar picture, with temperatures close to 30C in some southern regions, and not falling below 20C in northern parts of Scotland.

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Netweather senior forecaster Jo Farrow anticipates temperatures moving into the high twenties, particularly in large parts of England and Wales – and possibly edging up to 30C by tomorrow (Tuesday).

This will result in three consecutive days of the mercury hovering between 25C and 28C throughout several UK regions.

She said: “An interesting week coming up. Heat, particularly for England and Wales, as temperatures move into the high twenties.

“There will be lots of fine sunshine and dry weather but a change by mid-week.

“The high pressure moves away allowing an Atlantic low pressure to slip over the UK. This introduces showery rain and the risk of thunderstorms as the heat fades, lasting the longest in the east.

“So once again it becomes hot and sunny as more pupils and teachers head ‘Back to School’.

“The highest temperature in August was only 27.2C and, in a topsy-turvy month, this occurred in the Scottish Highlands.

“September 5 had a maximum of 27.1C near Horsham, West Sussex yesterday and, this week, 30C is forecast for inland southern Britain by Tuesday.”

Ms Farrow added: “Back on July 20, Heathrow saw the highest 2021 UK temperature of 32.2C. Reaching that heat doesn’t look likely but the heatwave criteria specifies three consecutive days of 25-28C, depending on location.

“Temperatures look to come down to the low twenties later this week with a few places still managing 23 or 24C.

The Met Office said there will be some drizzle over the far north and northwest of the country on Tuesday, but will be dry and sunny for most areas, “becoming hot inland over England and Wales”.

It will be sunny for many on Wednesday but heavy showers will being to make their way in from the southwest, “turning more widely unsettled on Thursday and Friday”.

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