UK tourists SHOULD boycott China when the coronavirus lockdown lifts – poll

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Over the past few months relations between Australia and China have deteriorated, after Australia’s foreign minister called for an independent global inquiry into China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Beijing responded furiously to the calls, accusing Canberra of launching a political attack against China and appeared to punish the country by limiting access to its markets.

In a poll, which ran from 10am to 9pm on June 8, asked readers whether UK tourists should boycott China after lockdown lifts.

Out of 3,651 votes, a staggering 96 percent of voters (3,493) agreed Brit tourists should boycott the Communist nation.

The comments appeared to reflect the overwhelming reaction to the poll.

One reader said: “The whole world should boycott China.

“We have become reliant on them and that is not healthy.

“It’s time Britain started manufacturing once again.”

Another said once the UK is out of the EU, “we can strike a free trade deal with our old friend Australia for some of their Barley for the brewing industry”.

Just four percent (133) voted no and only 25 voters were not sure on their answers.

One argued despite disagreeing with the country, we can still trade and said: “We can still disagree with China or Russia but we can still trade with them our economy needs it.

“It has never bothered us in the past you can bet the EU is still trading.”

Beijing’s latest perceived form of retaliation came on Friday, when China urged its citizens not to travel to Australia.

China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism said the move was in response to a spike in racist attacks during the coronavirus crisis.

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The ministry said in a statement on Friday evening: “There has been a significant increase recently in acts of racial discrimination and violence against Chinese and Asians in Australia, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The ministry advises Chinese tourists to raise their safety awareness and avoid traveling to Australia.”

The statement did not give any specific examples of discrimination or racist attacks.

The Australian Government has rejected the suggestion there has been an increase in racist attacks in the country.

Deputy prime minister Michael McCormack said: “There hasn’t been a wave of outbreaks of violence against Chinese people.

“I don’t know why this has been stated, I don’t know what was in the thinking of the organisation or the person who made the statement, all I can say is the statement is not true.”

The advice against travel to Australia is the latest in a series of frictions between the two countries.

Tensions first deteriorated when Canberra led calls for an independent global inquiry into China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

In response, Cheng Jingye, China’s ambassador to Australia accused Canberra of “obviously teaming up with those forces in Washington to launch a political campaign against China”.

He also warned that its citizens may think twice about purchasing Australian goods in the future.

China is the number one market for Australian beef, accounting for about 30 percent of exports.

It’s also the biggest foreign buyer of Australian barley.

But Beijing has denied its measures against Australian trade were related to the calls for the international investigation.

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