UK storm alert: Met Office warning as imminent lightning to strike –total rainfall up 117%

UK Weather: Met Office predicts thunderstorms and rain

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The yellow rain warning is in effect from midday on Saturday through to 6am on Sunday. On Saturday, heavy rain will strike much of Northern Ireland, as well as a large swathe of Wales and England.

In its weather warnings, the Met Office said there was a good chance that spray, standing water and hail would worsen driving conditions in affected areas.

They added: “Many places missing the worst, but heavy rain, showers and isolated thunderstorms may cause some flooding and transport disruption…

“Some short-term loss of power and other services is possible, with possible damage due to lightning strikes.

“Flooding of a few homes and businesses could occur.”

Simon Partridge, Met Office meteorologist, said London has already had 117 percent of its usual August rainfall already, with 60mm (2.4in) of rain falling on the capital up to August 17.

Northern Ireland has had 90mm of rain – 90 percent of its 97mm average for the month.

Mr Partridge predicted up to 40mm of rain could hit parts of Northern Ireland and south-west England over 24 hours on Saturday, and the same amount in the northern Pennines on Sunday.

For Saturday, the Met Office predicts “outbreaks of rain, heavy at times, moving north and east across many areas”.

They wrote in the forecast: “(The weather will) then be turning brighter across southern, western and later some central parts, but with showers, heavy and thundery in places…

“Heavy rain or showers becoming restricted to parts of northern and eastern England, whilst dying out elsewhere.

“Mist and low cloud in the north and east.”

Moving into Sunday, the Met Office holds the “rain in the east clearing, with cloud breaking to allow sunny intervals for most areas”.

They added: “Some showers developing, but many southwestern areas remaining dry. Warm in the sunshine.”

WXCharts data shows much of the country suffering rain, with the heaviest spells in the west of England at 2mm an hour by 3pm.

By 6pm most of the heaviest rain spells will be localised in the north-west and east of England.

Ian Simpson, for Netweather, also said this weekend will see a “thundery start”.

A Netweather storm forecast has also been issued for Saturday, with a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms in Wales and the southwest of England.

Mr Simpson said: “The fronts will clear Wales and central and southern England from midday onwards, allowing some sunny intervals to develop.

“There is the potential for some heavy and thundery showers to break out in these brighter conditions, particularly away from west and south-facing coasts.

“These may also penetrate into northern parts of England later in the day.”

From Sunday, Mr Simpson said: “High pressure is to build behind the low pressure system that is currently crossing the country, producing a fine spell of weather.”

Echoing the Met Office’s warnings expiring by 6am, he said: “There will be plenty of cloud, to begin with on Sunday, especially in eastern parts of England, but this will tend to break up as the day progresses, especially in western areas, with increasing amounts of sunshine coming through.

“This will set off from scattered, locally heavy and thundery showers in central and western regions, but many places will stay dry.

“It will generally be warmer than today, with highs between 21 and 24C, but cooler near North Sea coasts due to an onshore breeze.”

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