Two schoolgirls rescued from creepy abductor after mouthing ‘this is not my dad’

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A quick-thinking mum saved two girls from an abductor by inviting him into a church and engaging him in conversation until the police swooped.

The youngsters, both under 12, were with David Matthew Daniels and mouthed to the woman: “Please help me, this is not my dad.”

The 37-year-old reportedly intercepted them as they left a restaurant and told him he would "supervise" them on their way home, before hitting one of them and getting the other in a headlock.

The girls, who were on bikes, cycled to a nearby church, pursued by the creep.

The heroic woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Fox 13: "I saw two children on their bicycles and a male adult behind them.”

She remembered one of the girls mouthing to her: “Please help me, this is not my dad.”

"He was kind of talking over her, right behind her, putting his arm around her neck and saying something in her ear, saying. 'We just moved here, we just want to see how we can help do whatever you're doing,'" the woman recalled.

The woman decided to stall him by engaging him in conversation, despite being wary of him.

She said: "I engaged in conversation with him. I said, 'Oh that's nice, where did you move here from?' He said: 'Oh, I am not really sure.'"

Daniels has since been arrested on two counts of false imprisonment of a child and child abuse and is now held on a $104,000 (£85,000) bond.

The kids told police that he had abducted them.

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"I don't want any recognition for this," the woman told the publication. "I don't want to be a hero. I just did what I hope anybody would do for my own kids."

She added: "There are moms out there who are like me. They are going to recognize the signs, and they are going to know what to do.

"In that moment, I didn't know if I was going to have the right answer. But they are fine, and they are home today."

Jessica Lang, who works at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, told WFLA: "He did not know these children and these children definitely did not know him.

"Thankfully these children stuck together and rode their bikes to a nearby church and asked an adult for help," she added.

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