Two-month-old boy dies after ‘doctors left needle in his body’ during surgery

A two-month-old boy died in agony after doctors left a needle inside his body during surgery, according to reports.

The Russian baby had been treated for an “abdominal abscess” and discharged.

But the next day his lung was punctured by a needle left inside him, said Mash news outlet.

The boy's mum, Darya Shatokhina, 30, from St Petersburg, said the child suddenly started crying and could not be comforted.

Her husband Dmitry, 45, called her in panic when she was out shopping.

"I realised on the phone that crying was different, strong and monotonous,” said the mother-of-five.

“My son was very pale and jelly-like. He didn't react to touches in any way.

“We called an ambulance. The doctors immediately said that he was already in a coma.”

Resuscitation efforts failed and he died 40 minutes later.

“They say that he had a needle in his lung, which the doctors left during the operation,” she said.

The grieving mum has since demanded a full investigation.

The Ministry of Health in St Petersburg is seeking to establish the full cause of death following his treatment at Children's Hospital No. 5, reported Fontanka.

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Earlier this year, a baby boy died aged 14-months-old after developing the worst tumours a neurosurgeon had ever seen.

Dean Parker, 34 and wife Holly, 27, lost their son James on March 6 after intensive brain surgery caused his heart to stop and restart, leaving him in a coma which he never came out of.

MRI scans at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh on February 26 revealed a brain tumour that was pushing on a nerve in James’ head causing him to be sick.

Further scans revealed tumours were sitting on almost every nerve in his brain controlling speech and his ability to walk. More tumours were discovered towards his spine.

James was taken in for intensive surgery on Wednesday, March 3, where surgeons discovered the true severity of the tumours which covered part of his skull.

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