TV footie commentator Clive Tyldesley says F-bombs would give game ‘street cred’

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TV footie legend Clive Tyldesley says commentators should be allowed to drop the F-bomb live on air.

The “Voice of Football’ – who has covered games for more than 40 years – reckons the odd swear word would give “street cred”.

The 66-year-old said: “I have often thought that commentators should be allowed one F-word per season. Sometimes it’s the only adjective that really works in football.

“We would be trusted to use it wisely like a cricket captain manages his umpire challenges, but uttered at the right moment for the right incident, the occasional profane outburst would give football commentary some renewed street cred.”

In his new book Not For Me, Clive tells how legendary Liverpool boss Bill Shankly once swore during a match as it was broadcast live on radio.

Clive said: “He was alongside me when Liverpool were beaten 2-0 at Nottingham Forest in the first round of the following
season’s competition.

“Garry Birtles scored the opening goal in what was his second senior appearance. ‘Oh, can you believe it?’ I wailed to a despairing audience back on Merseyside.

“‘A week ago, we’d never even heard of him, Bill.’

“Shanks thought for a second, placed the microphone on to his top lip and then opened his mouth and his heart – ‘You’ve f***in’ heard of him now!’ he roared.

“We didn’t receive one phone call of complaint. Not one.”

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