Turkey that dodged dinner table given new prosthetic beak in world first

A turkey that dodged the dinner table has been given a new beak.

Plump Holly was destined to be stuffed and served as Christmas lunch before she was saved by animal lover Lynda Free.

But half of her bill had been chopped off to stop her pecking other birds – so she has been given a plastic version in a world first.

Lynda said: “Turkeys often have part of their top beak cut because they are crammed together and peck each other.”

Beaks are usually clipped when chicks are a day old.

Lynda added: “With poor Holly, her top beak was completely removed. It was awful seeing her struggle.

“She was unable to peck. I’d hand-feed her pellets, corn and mashed potato to keep her alive, but it was heartbreaking

Vet Gianluca Deli, from Horsham, West Sussex, made a resin beak attached by screws.

Thrilled Lynda said: “Seeing her new bright yellow beak I couldn’t ­believe the results. It was a work of art!”

Holly now tucks into food at Lynda’s Freedom Farm animal sanctuary in Brightling, East Sussex, alongside 150 rescued animals and birds.

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