Trio of adorable kittens rescued after being cruelly abandoned in dog poo bin

Three tiny kittens heard crying by a dog walker had to be rescued from a dog waste bin after being dumped there by their evil owner.

The three-week-old kittens were saved after the dog-walker heard them crying on Saturday morning in the Duporth area of St Austell, Cornwall.

After being assisted by another passer-by to rescue them, they were handed over to the team at Sally's Cat Rescue after there was no sign of their owner.

The way the cats were disposed of inspired the anger of the team at the rescue centre who slammed the 'inexcusable' treatment of the animals.

A Sally's Cat Rescue spokesperson said after the incident: "What on Earth is the matter with the human race? Sadly I bring very sad news this morning.

"These 3 kittens we're DUMPED in a dog waste bin! Yes actually left in a bin to die!!!!!

"In hot summer weather these 3 tiny babies who are hardly even big enough to eat on their own, were left in awful conditions amongst bags of dog poo."

The spokesperson added that the cats were handed over by a 'lovely lady' who found them.

The statement continued: "If you live in the Duporth area of St Austell and know anything at all please contact us. This must be someone local.

"These babies desperately need their mum and I would happily welcome her here if the owner would like to bring her or even leave her on the rescue doorstep in a carrier.

"They are covered in fleas and are terrified but will thankfully recover. There is no excuse in the world that would make me feel that this is ok.

"We are always here… We will always help when we can. But being left to die is just inexcusable.

"Someone must recognise them, we are also asking for neighbours to review their cctv footage too.

"Well done to the kind lady who found them and called for help."

In England it is illegal to abandon an animal 'without reasonable cause,' where the abandonment is likely to cause 'the animal any unnecessary suffering,' under the Abandonment of Animals Act 1960.

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