Travelodge shame as 28 adult stars show up at quiet hotel to make saucy shoot

Travelodge was left red-faced after 28 porn stars checked into one of its hotels to shoot raunchy footage.

Without getting permission the crew then started to roll cameras at the Travelodge at the Conbalt Business Park in Newcastle, according to horrified bosses.

The X-rated footage reportedly spilled out into the public areas of the hotel, where families were staying on weekend breaks, as models posed for snaps in the lift and corridors.

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The porn posse had already been turfed out of a £10,000 nearby mansion, complete with pool and hot tub, by its owner.

An attempt to find other luxury digs proved problematic as the team got stuck in the snow.

So instead they booked a family room and four doubles at the £43 a night Travelodge in Newcastle, and got down to business straight away in and around the hotel.

One image from the saucy shoot allegedly shows seven women writhing on a single bed.

Porn star Lacey Amour (pictured above), 23, said: “We’re just trying to do our jobs.”

Travelodge told The Sun it could take legal action against the group for breaching its terms and conditions.

The Daily Star has contacted Travelodge for a comment.

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