Travellers return to Wellington Airport terminal after evacuation due to small fire

There are some delays but things are getting back to normal at Wellington Airport following a small fire.

“At approximately 8.30am this morning, a small fire was detected in the main terminal. All passengers and airport stakeholders have been safely evacuated and the NZ Fire Service is on the scene and has extinguished the fire,” the airport said in a statement.

A dodgy light fitting is suspected to be the cause of the smoke leading to an evacuation just after 8.30am, RNZ reported.

The hundreds of passengers and staff who were evacuated are now back inside the building.

Hopeful flier heading to Auckland Louise Woolhouse said her plane was going to be delayed – but she didn’t mind waiting outside with everyone else.

“There’s probably a couple of hundred people just hanging out but people seem to be pretty patient, nobody seems too upset or nervous.”

Freelance airport delivery man Riyan Basson said he was upstairs, and there was smoke coming from downstairs.

When staff were allowed to re-enter people started clapping and collecting their belongings.

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