Town falls for wonky Xmas tree after slagging it off and comparing it to Pisa

A town that slagged off its wonky council Christmas tree has "learned to love it" after likening it to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Residents of March, Cambridgeshire didn't hold back from sharing their opinions about the 30ft tree โ€“ or blaming the volunteers responsible for its allegedly haphazard installation.

One resident took to Facebook to comment: "This looks like it's been plonked down without too much care!

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"I honestly don't like to moan and I am quite aware trees grow in different shapes and sizes โ€“ but just feel like if a job is worth doing it should be done properly".

But Councillor Martin Field claims that the town's residents have now been won over in a dramatic u-turn, and now see the tree as "quirky".

Councilor Field told Sky News: "I think when people actually see it in person, like when a thousand people came to our Christmas light switch on and really enjoyed the event, they saw it all light up and all the coverage the media has given of it, they have learned to love it.

"They see it as quirky, and funny, very much like the people of March themselves."

After it was erected, volunteers from the March Christmas Lights Committee conceded reception was "mixed" and that they hadn't managed to inspect the tree in person before making the purchase.

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However, they insisted it was "structurally sound" and that it was "as straight as it's gonna be".

Councillor Field defended how the tree had been put up and explained its profile.

"It would take more than a couple of beer mats to straighten up our tree. The fact is it was put in perfectly straight," he said.

"The problem is the tree we were delivered has got a bend in its trunk. Although it looks like its leaning over, it's actually in the ground perfectly straight.

"There was nothing wrong with the way it was installed. Sadly, many of the people on Facebook who first complained about it assumed it had been put in incorrectly."

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