Tourist’s ‘worst nightmare’ after getting trapped 10,000ft in air on cable car

A tourist has recalled the time he got stuck 10,000ft above the ground on one of the world's longest cable cars.

Haris Minhaj from Perth, Australia, was part of a group travelling along north Vietnam's Fansipan Mountain before the vehicle came to a grinding halt.

Branding the experience his "worst nightmare", he told the Mirror: "I thought, 'Am I going to die here?'"

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The journey, which should have taken 15 minutes, turned into an ordeal lasting more than three hours.

Minhaj, 29, decided to film the incident and eventually posted it to TikTok, where it has so far amassed more than half a million views.

"We are stuck… 3,000m above sea level," he can be heard saying in the clip, before asking another passenger if they’re panicking, who responds: "Yes."

In a bid to cheer up his fellow tourists he then jokes: "It’s a good way to go," to which someone replies: "No dark jokes right now!"

At one point the video shows the cable car beginning to move, but much slower than usual and with frequent stops.

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"After a few hours of waiting, electrical engineers reinstated the power to the cable car with backup power and the descent down was 10 times slower than normal," he added following the incident.

Finally, after several hours, the cable car was brought down above a forest – but after the car became stranded travellers were forced to climb down on a rope.

A second cable car was then brought in to rescue people who couldn't use the rope to climb to safety such as children and the elderly.

A total of 15 people were stranded in two cable cars due to a technical problem, reports

Local police say the situation is still being monitored and the airforce had been notified.

Once back at the cable car station, Minhaj said of the incident: "What an experience."

He added the group was not given a refund – but staff did offer them a cup of tea.

Meanwhile TikTok users were quick to shower Minhaj with praise for his attempts to lighten the mood.

One person wrote: "At least this guy is making it fun he probably calmed everyone down."

Meanwhile another quipped his fellow passengers had "found the guy they never want to be stuck in a cable car with".

A third chimed in: "Y’all would have to tie my hands and mouth from all the screaming."

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