Tot seen on tragic CCTV begging for parents’ return is finally reunited with dad

A young tot who went viral after heartbreaking CCTV caught her calling out to her parents has finally reunited with her dad.

The footage, which emerged in December 2020, shows the one-year-old looking up to the camera and calling for her mum and dad's return.

Mr Chang and his wife had left their children in their grandmother's care as they both worked in the eastern Chinese city of Wuxi – 252 miles away from their hometown.

With two weeks left until the Chinese New Year holiday, the 35-year-old and his wife decided to take their time and travelled nine hours back home to Anqing for a festive reunion.

In his latest video shared on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, Mr Chang spends his first day with his beloved daughter and plays with her at home.

The girl sits on his shoulders while listening to her father singing.

Mr Chang said they will stay with their children until the Chinese New Year celebration is over.

He also admitted that this is the "happiest moment" for his daughter.

Viewers who followed the girl's "life under CCTV" on Mr Chang's Douyin account congratulated the family on the reunion.

One wrote: "Now little girl won't be crying again, enjoy your time with your daughter!"

Another pleaded: "The girl is gonna have a memorable childhood, please stay!"

Som asked why Mr Chang left his daughter for work and not moved the whole family to Wuxi and he replied: "We need to make a living and the pay at our hometown is not enough to support our family.

"It's expensive to move to another city so we have no choice but to leave my daughter to live in her grandma.

"I'm trying to work on it and bring her to stay with us. Thanks for your message."

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