Tortoise with two heads stuns scientists after tourists find it near hot springs

Scientists shared a video of a rare two-headed baby tortoise slowly crawling across a table after it was discovered in southwestern Turkey.

Tourists found and rescued this strange reptile at the Pamukkale hot springs, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to local reports, they then alerted conservationists about the creature.

It was unlikely that this baby tortoise would have been able to survive by itself, as it was only four weeks old. The rare animal is now at the Pamukkale University Biology Department, where researchers are studying the creature.

Scientists shared the footage of the conjoined twin-like creature moving forward steadily in a synchronised manner using its six legs.

According to Dr Eyup Baskale, a faculty member at the Pamukkale University Biology Department, although the tortoise has two heads, it shares a single digestive system with only one exit point.

The researchers believe that although most tortoises can live up to 150 years old, a creature like this would not have been able to survive for too long.

Now at the research lab, the scientists will have the rare opportunity of studying such a unique creature closely.

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There have been previous cases where a tortoise has been found with two heads. A Greek tortoise, called Janus, was born in the Museum of Natural History in Geneva, Switzerland on September 3rd 1997.

Janus, who then became the museum's mascot, celebrated his 23rd birthday in August 2020. The difference between these two creatures is that Janus only has two heads that are attached to a relatively normal-sized tortoise body with four legs and a large shell.

Meanwhile, the tortoise found in Turkey had six legs and two shells that are joined together.

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