Tiny London flat with box room to rent for just £400 a month is missing bathroom

A budget of £400 a month in London's rental market won't get you very much, but the bar may just have been lowered after a property appeared online for let, missing one crucial feature.

It's located in the affluent west London suburb of Kensington so you'd be forgiven for expecting it to have a bathroom, but alas, the eyebrow-raising Gumtree rental ad makes no mention of one.

The ad for the property in North End Crescent does boast of its proximity "to all local amenities, including shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and supermarkets".

It is also at pains to mention the lovely kitchenette, single bed and chest of drawers the studio flat comes furnished with.

But would-be tenants will certainly notice the glaring omission of a bathroom.

Even still, the flat is likely to get interest because of its proximity to major tube stations West Kensington, Barons Court and Earls Court.

And potentials renters may find some solace in the rather cryptic assertion that the flat comes "with its own facilities".

"Newly decorated, plus wood flooring", the ad also states.

Pictures of the flat show the shower set at the bottom of a single bed in a tiny room that is perhaps even smaller than a regular box room.

The shower appears to be wedged between a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.

The kitchen area boasts just enough room for some storage and a two-ringed hob for cooking.

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There was even enough space for the landlord to squeeze in a small kitchen table and mirror, with a pleasant, large window providing the backdrop.

The average cost of renting a property in the prestigious W14 postcode is £534 a week, according to Foxtons.

Despite a new tenant scoring a rent outgoing lower than the average, some people may be put off by having to use shared bathroom facilities or a shared bathroom, as it appears this property may have.

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