Tiger escapes private zoo and stalks neighbourhood leaving families terrified

Families and homeowners were left in a panic when they looked outside to see a Bengal tiger prowling their neighbourhood.

The big cat was seen stalking the streets after escaping a local private zoo.

The unbelievable sight was caught on camera in Houston as a man aimed a gun at the "aggressive" beast.

The striped cat was walking up and down the street and across people's front lawns.

In one video on Twitter, a man was yelling to someone to "get the f**k back inside".

In another clip, a concerned resident recorded the moment the tiger kept running up towards the armed man – who was later identified as a law enforcement official.

He happened to be nearby when neighbours spotted the four-legged creature.

The woman who recorded the moment says in a scared voice: "Straight up, stand down right now.

"All these cars are just waiting because there is a friggin Bengal tiger in this yard and this dude needs to be careful, holy cow.

"Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, he's gonna shoot it."

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She gasps as the tiger stops in front of the cop before retreating.

However, the animal keeps circling and edges towards the man in the middle of the road.

Frightened neighbours called the police after they saw the animal at around 8pm last night.

Cops were told the beast had a "collar" on and "was looking aggressive," according to the Houston Chronicle.

The concerned residents also claimed people were "starting to show up with guns".

In one clip on Twitter, a man who appears to be the owner of the exotic tiger tells the deputy in the street "I'll get him".

When confronted, the apparent caretaker said "we're with the zoo" but didn't say anything more.

"Get your tiger back inside," the cop called out during the tense confrontation.

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Fortunately, no shots were fired during the clips circulated on social media.

Police say the tiger was moved inside a home before someone pulled up in a white Jeep Cherokee and took off with the animal before they arrived.

It's believed up to 5,000 tigers are thought to be held in captivity in the US, which was one of the major issues explored in the hit Netflix series, Tiger King.

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