Thunderstorms to rip through Britain before temperatures exceed 30C

Thunderstorms ripping through the UK will only herald warmer temperatures in the days and weeks to come, the Met Office has warned. The agency has issued several weather warnings for the country outlining threats from heavy rain, with lightning dominating the skies over England, Scotland and Wales into this evening. Forecasters have warned that, not only will today not mark the end of the recent severe weather, but temperatures are about to get much hotter.

Earlier today, the Met Office said recent hot weather had stirred the latest bout of thunderstorms.

Chief meteorologist Steve Willington said that low pressure and “daytime heating” had helped develop “unstable air” that caused “bursts of heavy rain”.

The unsettled weather will likely continue through Wednesday, the agency added, ahead of a shift in the UK’s weather pattern.

Towards the weekend, temperatures could once again exceed 30C in some parts of the country.

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Steven Keates, the Deputy Chief Meteorologist for the Met Office, said a “northwest/southeast split” would develop from Friday, June 23.

The split, he said, would continue into the weekend, with establishing high pressure bringing another wave of heat.

He said: “High pressure will begin to establish itself from the southeast, allowing a good deal of settled weather through the weekend, with temperatures likely building towards, or slightly exceeding, 30C in some spots.”

Mr Keates added that some areas would be spared another round of scorching heat, especially those living further north.

He said: “It’s a much more unsettled picture to the northwest through the weekend, with weather fronts pushing in from the Atlantic bringing more in the way of rain and some gusty coastal winds, especially for those in Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

UK temperatures have already surged to unbearable highs in 2023, past the 30C mark.

Meteorlogists recorded the hottest temperatures of the year so far in Chertsey, Surrey, where highs reached 32.2C.

While the country has not yet entered an official heatwave, according to the Met Office, officials have previously warned that temperatures could reach “heatwave territory”.

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