Thousands of boozy Scots descend on England for huge New Year’s Eve party

Swarms of Scots have started to arrive in Newcastle, Blackpool and London to see in the New Year without coronavirus restrictions.

Excited revellers have slammed Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s tough ban on nightclubs and large groups.

Similar restrictions in Wales have also seen waves of boozy pals flood into nearby cities in England like Bristol and Chester.

One picture captures a coach packed with Scots arriving in Blackpool after crossing the border.

A party-goer who made another journey journey from Fife to Newcastle, 21-year-old Aidyn Stott, told MailOnline: “It's not good up in Scotland having to live with the restrictions. We're here for the New Year and we plan on going out for it to celebrate. We'll be going to the Tup Tup nightclub.

“I don't agree with the restrictions in Scotland. A few miles away south of the border you can go out as normal. It doesn't make any sense.

“It's good to come to Newcastle because you're used to going out back home all the time and it gets a bit boring.

“You can come here and go to the football and do a lot more than you can in Scotland.”

It comes following Boris making the decision to keep England’s nightlife open – despite the soaring number of cases reaching record levels.

The Prime Minister advised people to take a test before going out, following a minister saying the estimated 100,000 revellers are “free to move around under the general law”.

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Other members of the Tartan army making their way across the boarder include Sarah Hall, 23, who travelled to Newcastle from Dunbar.

She told Mail Online: “We've been jabbed and we've been boosted. We still can't live our lives despite that and we're being penalised for it.

“Me and my friends are here for two days, we've been before and I enjoy coming because it's a good night out and the people are nicer.”

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