The world’s best train journey where only 20 people are allowed on each trip

People who think what truly matters is the journey and not the destination will surely enjoy what the luxurious Seven Stars train can offer.

Seven Stars is an exclusive sleeper train bringing its guests through the island of Kyushu, the third-largest in Japan.

Rather than simply carrying its guests to their destination, this train – which has been operating for a decade – resembles more a hotel or lavish cruise ship on tracks than a normal means of transport.

As a consequence, people can’t simply book a ticket and get aboard Seven Stars, the first luxury sleeper train in Japan, but rather have to apply for the journey they choose months in advance.

This is because the space on the train is hugely limited, with each trip restricted to 20 passengers.

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Those lucky enough to be able to get on the Seven Stars can choose between three types of rooms – deluxe suite A, which measures 21-metre-square, a smaller deluxe suite B, measuring some 17-metre-square and normal suites, approximately 10-metre-square.

Every inch of this opulent locomotive is handmade by Japanese artisans, with details of the interior of each coach perfectly planned and designed.

Rooms include large sofas, beds and lavish furniture as well as pieces of wall art.ย 

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Describing the concept of the carriages, the Seven Stars’ website read: “It is the most sophisticated space with abundant woods and fabrics, in the fusion style of Japanese and Western as well as Classic and Modern.”

A sign the designers of this special train have strived to give its passengers the best possible experience is the location of the rooms.

Unlike most trains, Seven Stars positioned the suites in between two hallways, “so that guests can enjoy the scenery on both sides as they walk along the train”, the website read.ย ย 

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During their journey, guests are required to wear formal clothes on certain occasions.

The trips are not just a chance to enjoy the stunning scenery the seven prefectures of Kyushu can offer, but can also get off it as each journey has a number of stops planned.

One of the trips available, called Kirishuma Journey, allows guests to explore the pottery and history of the island during a four-day, three-night experience.

Another journey, Unzen, leads to “experiencing the blessings of the land and traditional culture”, the website of the train reads.ย 

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