Terrifying drug cartel assassins armed to the teeth announce ‘purge’

A feared Mexican drug cartel has pledged to wipe out its enemies after declaring a “purge” is coming.

The La Familia Michoacana is one of Mexico's most historic and notorious gangs.

It was formed in the 1980s by drug lord Carlos Alberto Rosales Mendoza, who was found dead in a car park in December 2015.

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And during the gang's lifespan, it has amassed a lot of enemies – which it now appears intent on dealing with, along with anyone else causing chaos nearby.

In a shocking video released by the group, a clan of armed gunmen issue a stern warning to locals in Pachuca, Mexico, Borderland Beat reports.

One of the gang said: “Good evening to the residents from the city of Pachuca.

“We are a mob under Commander Santana from the La Familia Michoacána.

“We’ve come to this plaza to purge it of all the kidnappers, extortionists, and crystal meth dealers.

“This is an alert for all the mayors.

“We are friends here and not enemies.

“We are the absolute mob of Commander Santana.”

The video ends with the group shouting “Long live the Familia Michoacana”.

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The group is currently led by brothers Jose Alfredo and Johnny Hurtado Olascoaga and has endured a period of dwindling influence in recent years.

It had even reportedly been completely disbanded after the 2015 death of its leader.

But the group reappeared in January this year, in another video where 40 gun-toting men pledged to “clean up” the Milpa Alta region of Mexico City.

It had been reported that the group was responsible for the murders of 13 police officers in Coatepec Harinas in 2021, but the clan was fractured into several splinter groups at that point so nobody was sure of which part of the cartel was actually responsible.

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