Terrified woman returns home to find monkey on knife-wielding rampage

A woman was left stunned when she found a cheeky monkey who had sneaked into her home and stole a kitchen knife.

Home owner Eliane Alexandre was not at home when the savage primate caused mayhem in her property in the rural area of Sousa, Brazil, on February 28.

The knife-wielding monkey smashed plates and made a mess in the kitchen.

In a video shared on social media, Eliane's family member is seen trying to catch the animal who escaped to the roof.

The brazen monkey is waving the knife on the roof and smashing roof tiles while munching on food it stole from the house.

It refuses to leave the roof and keeps the knife closely by its side despite being given food in exchange

A second clip shows the macaque breaking items in the home and roaming around a family member.

Eliana said: "It caused a lot of disorder. It's very messy."

Though the unexpected visitor was treated as a guest at the family home, even being fed and allowed to perch on the owner's shoulder, the tiny hoodlum did not repay the family's kind hospitality when it stole the knife and went on the rampage.

The monkey is difficult to isolate and catch, as the house is in a heavily forested and green area with lots of hiding places.

The family believes the monkey was probably kept as a pet and was released in the area by its previous owners when it became older and more difficult to manage.

They have requested help from the authorities to return it to its natural habitat, as it is an undomesticated wild animal and should not be kept as a pet.

The Brazilian authorities normally recommend that residents do not approach wild animals and call the police instead, as they are experienced in dealing with monkeys and can return them safely to their natural habitat, further away from humans.

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