Terrified Brit couple attacked by killer whales in horrifying holiday ordeal

A couple from the UK has recounted the horror moment they were attacked by around six killer whales.

Cambridge dwellers Janet Morris and Stephen Bidwell, both 58, were taking a sailing course near Morrocco when the incident occurred.

The boat they were in was bumped by the massive mammals, kicking off an attack that would go on to last around an hour.

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Conditions were bad anyway with strong winds and choppy waters making life hard for the crew as they tried to manoeuvre out of harm’s way.

They had set out to complete a week-long course and were qualified to charter and captain sailing boats already.

They were taking a nap on Tuesday, May 2, just seven miles from Tangier, when they heard crew members start to shout “Orcas! Orcas!!", along with banging on the hull.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw them – it's extremely rare. We were sitting ducks,” said business consultant Janet.

"We were amazingly calm but underneath we were thinking, 'Oh my god'.

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"Because everyone was calm it felt okay, but we were petrified, it wasn't until afterwards that we talked about being very scared.

"We got our valuables and our passports and talked about getting the life raft ready.

"It really didn't help that conditions were bad before the orcas. The boat was moving around a lot – it was hard to distinguish one cause from the others.

"The captain was very calm and orderly, which got everyone through."

Stephen, a photographer, added: "We all remained calm because we were aware that if any of us got anxious it would be infectious.

"We were able to do that because the skipper was so calm.

"Orcas enjoy the thrill of the chase, so ideally we'd have kept still, but that wasn't possible because of the winds."

The orcas are understood to have finally given up the chase around an hour after the terrifying events started.

The rudder of their 46-foot Bavaria had been smashed by the huge beasts, which caused the ship’s steering to fail.

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