Teenage girl killed ‘after pupil went on knife rampage at Polish orphanage’

A 19-year-old has been arrested in Poland after going on a rampage with a knife and stabbing his ex-girlfriend at the orphanage where she lived. Police swooped on the children’s home and arrested the teenager but not before the girl, 16, was stabbed to death and at least 13 other injured.

According to media reports in Poland, the incident took place in the city of Lodz shortly after 11pm.

The news agency PAP reported that the attacker and the victim had been going out prior to the horrific attack.

The teenage boy is believed to have entered the orphanage through a window before targeting children and staff with a knife.

He went on to locate and attack his girlfriend while a member of staff attempted to intervene.

Police reported that he later ran from the scene but was arrested at home around an hour later.

The knifeman is not believed to have a criminal record, while some reports have suggested he had drunk heavily in the buildup to the attack.

An investigation into the motive behind the attack has been launched by police.

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Meanwhile, local prosecutors have announced the arrestee will be charged with murder.

Police spokeswoman Aneta Sobieraj said: “Unfortunately, as a result of this incident, a 16-year-old girl, a ward of the orphanage, died on the spot, and five people were hospitalised.”

She added that four of those injured had been treated at the scene.

State Fire Service spokesman Marcin Zwierzak told Kalisz24: “Very preliminary findings show that it was most likely one of the pupils who suddenly attacked the teacher and other residents with a knife.”

Counselling has been offered to children at the orphanage who have been left traumatised by the horrific incident.

Air ambulances were used to ferry some of the victims to nearby hospitals where they continue to receive treatment.

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