Teen stops ‘creepy man’ taking schoolgirl after insisting he was ‘dad’s mate’

A quick-thinking teenager stepped in to help a young schoolgirl after a 'creepy man' tried to lead her away.

The young girl, who was around 11 years old or possibly younger, was approached by a stranger who claimed he was her dad's mate and that he'd been to their house.

Emma Carlile, 15, was walking home when the interaction between the man and the schoolgirl caught her eye and made her think something was amiss.

Bravely the teenager, who was walking home from Weatherhead High School through Wallasey Village on Tuesday, plucked up the courage to intervene.

Emma's dad Rik said she described the man as 'creepy' who kept insisting to the school girl that he was her dad's friend, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Rik said: "She said she was walking along and she saw a 'creepy looking man' approach a young girl and put his arm around her, which she thought looked odd.

"She noticed when the man approached her she looked a bit startled and then she heard the man say, 'I'm your dad's friend, don't you remember me? I've been to your house before'."

According to Rik the man repeatedly said he was a mate of the schoolgirl's dad but she was replying 'no, I don't remember'.

"At one point the girl tried to get her phone out and the man said, 'no you don't need to ring anyone, you know who I am, I'm your dad's mate.," Rik explained.

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Concerned by what she was seeing Emma decided to step in and help the girl, believing she was unaware who the stranger was.

Rik said: "She followed them around the corner and when they got by the crossing she thought she would just say something.

"She shouted the first name that came into her head, she said – 'Hey Bethany! Dad will be home tonight from police training.'

"Apparently the girl looked at her and just opened her eyes wide as if to say thank you. She said she looked startled."

Emma told her dad as soon as she started shouting over to the girl the man walked quickly away down towards Wallasey Village train station.

Rik said the girl thanked his daughter and when they got over the road she said to make sure she got home safe and tell her parents what happened.

Emma described the man as around 6ft tall with short grey hair and stubble. He was of large build wearing a green t-shirt and black trousers.

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