Taliban could use grim punishments like stoning, amputation and public hanging

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Evil Taliban fighters have refused to rule out returning Afghanistan to Sharia law and are set to use grim punishments to enforce their rules.

Barbaric practises – such as death by stoning, amputations of hands and feet and bloody executions carried out in public – are set to return to the troubled country, reports The Mirror.

Afghanistan’s Western-backed Government is in turmoil and looks set to collapse with President Ashraf Ghani fleeing the country earlier today.

A spokesperson for the Islamic extremist group refused to rule out reinstating the gruesome punishments when talking to the BBC.

“I can’t say right now,” Taliban member Suhail Shaheen said.

“That's up to the judges in the courts and the laws. (They) will be appointed according to the law of the future government."

Sharia law is Islam's legal system and features some tough punishments if it is not obeyed.

Shaheen claimed the Taliban’s policy is to continue giving girls access to education and work.

But the BBC reported that some women in the country have already been told they’re not allowed to leave the house alone, whilst women working in banks have been told they will be replaced by men.

Britain is sending 600 brave troops into the bloodbath, with the aim to rescue as many UK nationals from the area as possible.

Under the Taliban rule of Afghanistan between 1996 and 2002, brutal rulers led with fear and slaughtered citizens freely.

Desperate locals who resorted to stealing to survive had their hands hacked off if they were caught and adulterers were crushed to death with stones.

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The United States has raced top diplomats away from the danger in a helicopter – just 20 years after the US military ousted the Taliban from power after the horrors of the September 2001 attacks.

Panicked Afghans are fleeing their homes in fear of hardline Islamic rule.

Kabul is choked by cars trying to reach the airport and in the choas some people have left their cars to run to the planes on foot.

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